NCT Taeyong suddenly announced that his lover is a member of the same group, what’s happened?

Taeyong’s confession stirred up the fan community!

OTP stands for “one true pair/pairing.OTP refers to the combination of the members of the Kpop group that fans love.  Each fan has their own favorite OTP. So what if your OTP is really a couple in real life?

In a video call between Taeyong (NCT 127) and fans recently as part of the promotion of the song Favorite, this male idol suddenly revealed about his lover. Specifically, Taeyong confessed that he had a lover.  He also confidently described this person as a good dancer, handsome and charming.  That person is none other than Jaehyun – a member of the same group as Taeyong.

Taeyong admitted he has a lover

In fact, Taeyong was just making a request to read the script prepared by the fan.  Taeyong’s cute and shy reaction makes the “shipper” of the Jaeyong couple (OTP Jaehyun – Taeyong) amused.

Let’s take a look at some of the “sweet” moments of the NCT 127 visual couple:

taeyong jaehyun
taeyong jaehyun
taeyong jaehyun
taeyong jaehyun
taeyong jaehyun
A series of images of the Taeyong – Jaehyun couple make fans excited
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