Netizens noticed an unusual atmosphere in the relationship of the couple who have been publicly dating for years despite their 13-year age gap

Jung Joon and Kim Yoo-ji, who developed into real lovers after appearing in “Taste of Love 3”, are rumored to have broken up.

All photos of Jung Joon and Kim Yoo-ji as a couple posted on Kim Yoo-ji’s SNS account have been deleted, causing netizens to raise suspicions of a conflict between the two.

Kim Yoo-ji uploaded some photos on her Instagram on September 1st along with the short caption “I’m back on Instagram after a long time”. The released photos show Kim Yoo-ji wearing jeans and a crop T-shirt.

jung joon kim yu ji

Netizens expressed both welcome and concern with Kim Yoo-ji’s first SNS update in more than six months. It is because Kim Yoo-ji, who had rarely delivered her news since February, deleted all the photos of her lover Jung Joon as soon as she resumed her SNS activities.

Earlier, Kim Yu-ji and actor Jung Joon, who is 13 years older than her, met through TV Chosun’s entertainment program “Taste of Love 3” then developed into lovers. As the third couple from “Taste of Love 3” to be real, the two received huge support from netizens for their romantic moments revealed through dating photos on SNS.

jung joon kim yu ji

When the breakup rumor was raised for the first time in November 2020, Jung Joon released a photo of him and Kim Yoo-ji on Instagram and refuted the rumor, saying “We’re dating each other well”. 

Last year, the two appeared together in an advertisement as models and showed off their affection for each other. Since Kim Yoo-ji stopped her SNS activities for more than half a year, many people speculated that she was busy preparing for her marriage. 

jung joon kim yu ji

However, when all the photos of Jung Joon on Kim Yoo-ji’s Instagram disappeared and the posts containing pictures of the the two together were modified, rumors of their breakup arose again. On the other hand, photos of Kim Yoo-ji are still kept on Jung Joon’s SNS although they were posted 2 years ago. 

Jung Joon and Kim Yoo-ji have not expressed their positions on this issue. 

Born in 1979, Jung Joon debuted as a child actor in an MBC drama in 1990. Since then, he has been active by starring in many dramas, such as “LA Arirang”, “Men of the Bath House”, “Sweet Proposal”, “Precious Family”, “My Kids Give Me a Headache” and “Run, Jangmi”. He also starred in different movies, such as “Attack the Gas Station”, Libera Me” and “The Great Chef”. 

After appearing in “Taste of Love 3”, he met his ideal type Kim Yoo-ji and started dating her. 

jung joon kim yu ji

Jung Joon currently operates a Youtube channel and creates content about religious belief education and counseling. 

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