Yoon Shi-yoon, Bae Da-bin and more confirm to appear in KBS 2TV’s “The Present Is Beautiful”

Actors Yoon Shi-yoon, Bae Da-bin, Oh Min-seok, Shin Dong-mi, Seo Beom-jun and Choi Ye-bin have confirmed their appearance in KBS 2TV’s new weekend drama “The Present Is Beautiful”.

The Present Is Beautiful” is a drama depicting the process of Lee family’s three brothers looking for a mate in order to take over the apartment offered by the elders in the family. The script was written by Ha Myung-hee, a star writer who received the Presidential Citation for the drama “Record Of Youth” at the 2021 Korea Content Awards. Meanwhile, PD Kim Sung-geun of “The Great King Sejong” and “Jolly Widows” was in charge of directing.

The Present Is Beautiful

Yoon Shi-yoon was cast as the middle brother Lee Hyun-jae. He is an excellent lawyer and specializes in divorce cases. One day, he meets a new client named Hyun Mi-rae (Bae Da-bin). Hyun Mi-rae works as a VIP personal shopper and she wants to file for an annulment of her marriage. People are paying attention to whether the two will be able to become a couple in the future.

The Present Is Beautiful

Lee Yoon-jae, played by Oh Min-seok, is a gentle person, but thanks to his strict and meticulous personality, he has only opened his dental office for five years but already gained a reputation for treating patients without hurting them or doing over-treatment. Shin Dong-mi will play Shim Hae-joon, a law firm’s representative lawyer who falls in love with him. The two will show the chemistry of an older-girl and younger-guy couple.

The Present Is Beautiful

Seo Beom-jun will play the youngest character Lee Soo-jae, a character who does not give in at all because of his strong positive narcissism, even though he has been compared with his brothers all his life. In order to earn pocket money, he works part-time for a delivery company, where he meets his colleague Na Yuna, played by Choi Ye-bin. Yuna, who dreamed of coming to Seoul to become a patissier, is studying at a baking academy while working part-time as a delivery girl. They start as colleagues, but as Soo-jae drags Yuna into his family project, their relationship grows in an unpredictable direction.

The Present Is Beautiful

The production team said, “Please look forward to our drama about a fun marriage project that will be unfolded with various values and lives.” The drama will be broadcast in the first half of next year following “Young Lady and Gentlemen.”


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