K-netizens comment on Freezia having no past photos and stories disclosed

Many netizens are surprised to find out that no past photos of Freezia were spread despite her popularity.

A post about Freezia on Nate Pann recently drew attention. The netizen wrote the post wondering, “‘Transit Love’ cast member Hae Eun’s elementary, middle and high school graduation photos have all been revealed… I find it amazing that there is still no information about Freezia’s past although she has become famous and been active for such a long time”

Original post: Nate

Other netizens commented:

– I don’t understand why people upload past photos and private stories about others on the Internet. Even if they were friends, I cannot accept their action of sharing such things so freely

– Seems like Freezia’s friends are all good people. Some people get jealous when seeing their friends become famous so they intentionally spread rumors to bring them down but I don’t see anyone around Freezia doing that

– Spreading Hae Eun’s past and being curious about Freezia’s past in this way is the most absurd thing I seeㅋㅋ..

– Seems like many people around Hae Eun really envied her

– I saw Freezia’s friends in her Vlog filmed at Hanyang University and they don’t seem to be people who would do such bad things… Of course, we cannot judge someone only based on their appearance but through the way they talk and their behaviors, I think their relationships are very good

– Celebrities in Korea have so many past photos revealed… Guess they really can’t stand seeing others doing wellㅋㅋㅋ

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