In the midst of the HYBE vs. Min Hee-jin war, KOZ CEO Zico’s statement “The budget is different” attracts attention

Zico, the head of a label under HYBE, talked about his activities at HYBE

On April 30th, a video featuring Zico was posted on the channel “The KStarNextDoor”.

On this day, host Jonathan introduced guest Zico, “He debuted as an idol from a small agency and became a huge hit after debuting as a solo artist. And he even founded a large label. Zico showed what it means to be a hustler.

Zico established KOZ Entertainment in 2018, which was acquired by HYBE in 2020.


When asked “What’s the biggest difference between a small agency and a large agency?“, Zico replied, “The budget is different. The environment and opportunities. It wasn’t even a small agency when I began. We started from scratch.”

This statement, made amidst the turmoil within HYBE, is drawing even more attention.

HYBE claimed that ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin attempted to seize management rights and started an audit of ADOR on April 22nd. On April 25th, they filed a complaint against Min Hee-jin for breach of trust and other charges.

Accordingly, Min Hee-jin held an emergency press conference on April 25th in Seocho-gu, Seoul, where she directly refuted HYBE’s claims, stating that their allegations were baseless. She argued that HYBE’s evidence was distorted and framed, vehemently denying the suspicion of attempted takeover.

Immediately after Min Hee-jin’s press conference, HYBE responded, “There are too many untrue claims made by Min Hee-jin in the press conference to address them all individually. As she has proven herself unworthy of being a leader, we urge her to promptly resign for the sake of ADOR’s normal operations.”

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