NewJeans’ Minji Recalled Shouting Out To Her Brother During Performance At Kyunghee University, “No one recognizes him”

Minji of the group NewJeans shared that her brother goes to Kyunghee University.

On May 17th, a video titled “NewJeans‘ 3rd appearance right (?) Myung-soo’s Guest House ep.183″ was posted on the YouTube channel “jtbc_hms,” featuring NewJeans as guests.

In this video, the production team revealed,Minji’s brother goes to Kyunghee University and NewJeans performed at Kyunghee University festival. That’s where you directly mentioned him.”

newjeans minji

Minji said, “I asked my brother, ‘As I happened to go to the festival at the university you are attending, can I tell people what you’re attending it on stage?’” and added, “I asked him because if it’s done, his college life could be uncomfortable. (My brother) said, ‘It doesn’t matter. Do as you please.'” In fact, in September last year, Minji said during NewJeans’ performance at a festival at Kyunghee University, “One person I know is attending Kyung Hee University. It’s my brother.”

Minji added, “I was worried recently and asked my brother, ‘How are you doing at university?’ It turns out no one recognizes him,” and said, “We don’t look alike. Not at all.”

When host Park Myung-soo said, “If I were your older brother, I think I would talk about it here and there,” Minji replied, “I heard that he talked about it during his military service.”

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