Lee Jung Jae’s enormous salary per episode of “Squid Game” season 2 revealed 

Lee Jung Jae is enjoying the prime days of his career. 

TV Daily reported on October 11th that “Lee Jung Jae, who will start filming for Netflix’s ‘Squid Game 2’ next year, will get paid 1 billion won per episode.” If season 2 is produced for 9 episodes like season 1, Lee Jung Jae will earn a total of 9 billion won (around 6.2 million USD). 

Lee Jung Jae

Director Hwang Dong Hyuk, who directs and writes “Squid Game”, will also get paid in the form of incentives. The Korean production crew of “Squid Game” has been discussing with Netflix for a long time about the compensation for the staff and actors, such as production costs, fees, and incentives related to Season 2.

Lee Jung Jae

Even though “Squid Game” became a huge success and generated huge profits, there were no additional incentives under Netflix’s by-laws. However, with the production of Season 2, discussions between the two sides began, and Netflix accepted the opinions of the Korean production team as much as possible.

Lee Jung Jae

Meanwhile, Lee Jung Jae has publicly been in a relationship with Lim Se Ryung, the eldest daughter of Daesang Group, for several years.

Source: Wikitree

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