Kang Dong-won Complains About Mischievous Nephew, “He Shouted ‘Kang Dong-won Is Here’ In Crowded Places”

Actor Kang Dong-won talked about his middle school student nephew who called his name out loud in public places

On May 18th, the YouTube channel “DdeunDdeun” uploaded a new video titled, “Bragging about my brother is just an excuse! EP.45”.

Kang Dong-won, Lee Dong-hwi and Jo Se-ho appeared as guests and shared various talks with Yoo Jae-suk. Mentioning Kang Dong-won’s graduation from an engineering school, Lee Dong-hwi said, “He’s the person whom I trust the most among people I know. He’s almost perfect”. Kang Dong-won said he graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at an engineering school, adding “I barely managed to graduate while carrying out activities”.

When asked, “Didn’t you study well?”, Kang Dong-won replied, “I’m not good at studying”. However, Lee Dong-hwi commented, “There’s nothing he cannot do. He’s good at sports. His athletic ability is very good. He started learning golf after knowing me, but unlike others, he learned it very fast”.

Revealing that Kang Dong-won even learned Muay Thai and Jiujitsu, Lee Dong-hwi continued complimenting his fellow actor, saying “There’s literally nothing he can’t do. I hope he has many children later on. This extraordinary gene should be passed on to many kids.”

Kang Dong-won then unveiled an anecdote about his nephew, who is in his first year of middle school. The actor said, “I talked about my nephew on ‘You Quiz on the Block’ but it was edited out. My nephew called me after watching ‘You Quiz’ saying he was upset because I didn’t talk about him. So I explained to him, ‘I already told you that senior Yoo Jae-suk cut that part’”, drawing laughter.

Startled by the mention, Yoo Jae-suk quickly explained, “I didn’t cut it. I have another job to do. My story was cut, too”.

Kang Dong-won shared, “When he was in lower grades of elementary school, he didn’t know anything. After moving to higher grades, he started to understand more. Therefore, whenever the two of us go to places like the supermarket, I would always cover my face but he would shout ‘Kang Dong-won is here!’. Or sometimes, he would suddenly ask me to roll down the car window then he would shout ‘Kang Dong-won is here’”. 

In response, Yoo Jae-suk also shared a funny story about his daughter Na-eun boasting about her father by singing the song from one of his CF ads in the elevator. 

Source: daum

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