IVE’s Rei shed tears when meeting Joy “I dreamed of becoming an idol after seeing Red Velvet”

IVE's Rei had a special meeting

Recently, a video featuring Rei was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Follow Rei”.

In the video, Red Velvet’s Joy appeared as a guest, creating a sense of excitement.

Rei showered Joy with compliments, “You’re so beautiful.” Rei captivated attention by recalling her childhood and saying, “I dreamed of becoming an idol after seeing Red Velvet.”

ive rei joy red velvet

Rei then made lasagna for Joy and continued their conversation. Rei shed tears, expressing gratitude to Joy, who told her “I’m ready to listen to your story” during difficult times.

Rei conveyed her thanks, “You were someone I vaguely liked, but I didn’t know you would become such a significant person to me. Thank you so much.”

ive rei joy red velvet

Rei and Joy also spent time discussing various topics such as health and diet. In the end, Rei expressed her gratitude with a happy expression, “Thank you so much for taking the time to be with me, and thank you for sharing so many good stories comfortably, just like when we first met.

Meanwhile, Rei’s group IVE released “IVE SWITCH” on April 29th and is actively promoting in Korea with the double title tracks “HEYA” and “Accendio”.

Recently, IVE was the only K-pop artist to be listed in Forbes’ “30 Under 30 Asia”, showcasing influential leaders under the age of 30.

Source: daum

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