Kim Go-eun Gives Health Management Tips, “I Reduce The Amount Of Food I Eat By Doing This”

Actress Kim Go-eun delivered some good tips on how she takes care of her health and revealed her favorite food

On May 19th, the YouTube channel “NakNak” uploaded a video titled “Ask 10-million [Exhuma] actress Kim Go-eun anything! (feat. Best Actress of Baeksang Arts Awards) | NakNak Interview EP11”.

In the video, Kim Go-eun received the question, “When you need to manage your condition, how do you often take care of your body and health?”. In response, the actress said, “I’m interested in it but I just don’t do it anymore”. 

kim go eun

She continued, “They say I should do this and that, like ‘this is good for you’, but in reality, I just end up watching TV”, adding “These days, I just eat a little more slowly and it helps me reduce the amount of food I eat significantly”, revealing her simple tip.

Kim Go-eun shared, “Also, there were a few kinds of food that they told me not to eat when I had a health checkup recently, so I haven’t been eating them for a while”. The actress commented, “My favorite food is always pork belly”. Regarding the reason, she said, “I just like it the most”.

Meanwhile, Kim Go-eun won Best Actress in Film category at the 60th Baeksang Arts Awards held at COEX D Hall in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on May 7th.

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