Jennie (BLACKPINK) created a YouTube channel on her birthday, only made a vlog to sing a cover for fans but immediately received the silver button after a few hours.

The gift that Jennie gave her fans on her birthday made everyone extremely excited, her YouTube channel’s subscribers also increased rapidly.

January 16, 2021, marked the moment when Jennie turned 25. She received countless meaningful gifts and wishes from her family and fans, but the female idol also made a surprise by creating her personal YouTube channel, Jennierubyjane Oficial, on the right her birthday as a gift to those who love Jennie.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) created a YouTube channel

To “open” the brand new YouTube channel, Jennie posted her first vlog titled “Hello world. From Jennie”.  In the video, the BLACKPINK member introduced her YouTube channel, shared the daily life, and gave fans a cover of the song “When Will My Life Begin ?”.  This is the OST of the anime Tangled, performed by Mandy Moore.

In order to illustrate the song, Jennie filmed her daily activities such as waking up, cleaning the house, reading books, playing with pets, … and funny behind-the-scenes that matched the lyrics.  Fans are extremely excited to see the young, simple image of the female idol.  She is cute and close like a next-door friend.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) created a YouTube channel
Jennie (BLACKPINK) created a YouTube channel

In BLACKPINK, Jennie is the main rapper but she shows off her sweet and powerful voice through the song “ When Will My Life Begin ?”.  Fans not only praised Jennie’s cover, but were also deeply touched because it was her birthday, but the female idol gave them a meaningful gift.

Fans comment:

  • Stan Jennie, stan talent, yes she is Jennierubyjane
  • It’s Jennie’s birthday, but she gave us a meaningful gift instead.
  • I’m so happy. Jennie finally receives the love and attention that she deserves.
  • I feel better than my birthday
  • Finally, I found a place to come whenever I feel down. Jennie’s laugh makes me heal from pains.
  • Jennie is a fully polished princess. She has not only made a beautiful video but her voice is also on point. She is a queen indeed.

Up to now, Jennie’s first vlog has reached 1.9 million views, the YouTube channel has received 704 thousand subscribers.  So Jennie qualified for the silver button (for a channel with 100,000 subscribers) after only a few hours.  With the current growth rate, her channel will soon receive the golden button (1 million subscribers).  This is why BLACKPINK is called “the queen of YouTube”.

Sources: kenh14

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