Lee Jin-ho Mentions Backstory In Controversy Over Han So-hee’s Fake Admission To French University

Amid the controversy over Han So-hee’s French university admission, information about her arts university preparation was revealed 

On April 30th, reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin-ho uploaded a video titled “Why was it France? Truth about the controversy over Han So-hee’s Fake Admission”. 

In the video, Lee Jin-ho said, “The controversy over whether Han So-hee got accepted to a French university is a hot topic”, adding “The information about Han So-hee’s admission to a university in France revealed through an entertainment program is so different from reality. As a result, controversy broke out as netizens began to suspect whether the actress was really accepted to the university or not”.

han so hee

He continued, “It is true that Han So-hee gained recognition for her artistic talents while attending Ulsan Girls’ High School so she transferred to Ulsan National University of Arts”, adding “While preparing for the entrance exam, Han So-hee became interested in studying abroad rather than at a domestic university. It is true that she prepared for the exam with the help of a senior who attended an art university in France. Regardless of the actress’s admission status, she did prepare to study at that university”.

However, the Youtuber pointed out, “It was impossible for her to study at an overseas university in the first place due to family circumstances. At that time, she couldn’t even pay for a one-way flight due to the issues at home. It’s regrettable that this aspect led to the number of 60 million won”.

han so hee

Earlier in January, Han So-hee met with PD Na Young-seok in a YouTube content and shared, “I got accepted to a university in France but I needed 60 million won in my bank account to get a visa. How could I even get 60 million won at that time?”.

Lee Jin-ho said, “If you look at the French university’s admission website, a visa is offered on a yearly basis, so you need a deposit of 9.6 million won in your bank account, which is 800,000 won per month. As such, there’s a big gap from the 60 million won revealed by Han So-hee. If she had prepared for the entrance exam, she wouldn’t have said that.”

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He continued, “In order to enter a famous university in France such as Sorbonne, you must have a certificate of DELF B2 or higher or a test equivalent to B2 in the TCF test”, adding “Han So-hee has never spoken French before. She can’t even speak a word of France so it is very doubtful whether she was really accepted to an art university there”.

Lee Jin-ho pointed out, “Han So-hee told netizens that she selected Beaux-Arts but there are currently 59 universities of Beaux-Arts in France and the criteria for admission is slightly different for each school”, adding “I cannot confirm the exact admission criteria because she didn’t reveal which school she got accepted to”.

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