The SNS fights related to the controversy over “Street Dance Girls Fighter” KLWC’s poor manners are getting more confused

Malicious comments towards KLWC members, who are at the center of the controversies over creating choreography with bad manners, are getting more intense.

On December 29th, an article titled, “Instagram accounts of KLWC members’ parents are flooded with malicious comments and curses”, was posted on the online community theqoo.

Street Dance Girls Fighter KLWC

According to the screenshots, some online users flocked to personal Instagram accounts believed to be owned by KLWC members’ parents and asked them to teach their daughters lessons of attitudes. These netizens left many comments, such as “You educated your children in a wrong way. Tell them not to live like that if they want to become professional dancers in the future”, “Please educate their personality”, “I cheered for them so I was so disappointed. This is the most disappointing part in Street Dance Girls Fighter”.

Street Dance Girls Fighter KLWC

Although KLWC’s behaviors were controversial, malicious comments have been pointed in the wrong direction, leading to another controversy among Internet users. Netizens criticized the viewers who are too immersed in the controversy, saying, “You have crossed the line”, “Is it something to be cursed that much?”, “I think they are the ones who didn’t receive proper personality education”, “How can they live a life of always being so angry like that?”, “Please sue them”, “I also the broadcast was controversial, but why you all are flooding their parents’ Instagram accounts with curses? I can’t believe it”, “Why are you leaving malicious comments and talking about personality education there?”, “You call that justice?”.

On December 28th, Mnet’s “Street Dance Girls Fighter” aired the scene in which team Squid and team KLWC performed “choreography trade” for the ‘KPOP choreography creation mission’. Unlike Squid, who competed fairly and seriously, KLWC showed mischievous and playful attitudes creating hilarious dances.

Street Dance Girls Fighter KLWC

Seeing this scene, PROWDMON Monika said, “It’s true that you have to surpass your opponent in a competition, but it doesn’t mean you can pull them back with tricks”. Holy Bang Honey J also added, “When you played a joke but the opponent didn’t take it as a joke, it’s not considered joke anymore. It has become a big problem.”

After the broadcast, many viewers criticized KLWC, saying they showed insincere attitudes. Due to the seriousness of this controversy, KLWC members’ SNS were all set to private.

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