Daesang-winning K-drama star who got laughed at by his mother when he first said he wanted to be an actor 

An anecdote in which an actor who is now called the god of acting was ridiculed by his mother in the past has been brought to attention again. 

Actor Namgoong Min, who swept the acting awards for his excellent performance in dramas such as “Stove League” and “The Veil”, is referred to by viewers as the “God of Acting”. However, when he wanted to achieve his dream of becoming an actor, surprisingly, people around him were against it. 

When Namgoong Min first told his mother that he would join MBC’s audition, his mother was said to be unsupportive because she did not have faith in him to succeed as an actor. Namgoong Min’s mother even laughed and told him, “Yeah, try it.”

Namgoong Min appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3” in 2017 and talked about this anecdote, saying, “My mother laughed at me.” He made everyone on the set burst into laughter as he went on to reveal that his mother told him “You’re not special.” Her cold remark actually became a stimulus for him to make his dream come true.

Namgoong Min eventually failed MBC’s audition, but he managed to strengthen his position as an actor by starting with minor roles.

When Namgoong Min was a rookie, he was even insulted by a director because he couldn’t act, but now he is called the “God of Acting” and has proved his talent and established his position enough to sweep the Daesang (grand prize) at various acting awards.

Namgoong Min’s legendary career began in 2008 when he appeared in MBC’s drama “Listen to My Heart” after completing his military service. He later grew into a top-tier actor by leading a series of hit dramas such as “Good Manager,” “Stove League,” and “The Veil.”

Currently, Namgoong Min is taking on the role of Cheon Ji Woon, a talented but unusual lawyer in SBS’s new legal drama “One Dollar Lawyer.” Cheon Ji Woon offers the best service for his clients but charges only 1000 won (about $1). 

Source: insight

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