The recent situation of GOT7 and MAMAMOO

The contracts of GOT7 and MAMAMOO will soon expire, the members will leave or re-sign the contracts that are gaining fans’ attention.

The time is only early January, but 2021 will likely be filled with separation.  This is the time when Kpop groups, which debuted 7 years ago, have expired their contracts with their management companies, in which GOT7 and MAMAMOO are currently receiving special attention.

If GOT7 is in discussion with JYP Entertainment because the contract will end in January, the contract between MAMAMOO and RBW will soon expire as well.  However, the two groups have different situations, the boys of JYP are facing the risk of disbandment, and the situation of the 4-member girl group is somewhat more optimistic.

The recent situation of GOT7 and MAMAMOO1
The recent situation of GOT7 and MAMAMOO


 GOT7 debuted in January 2014, their exclusive contract with JYP will end in January 2021.  However, the future of the group is “hanged by a single hair” when it comes to news that the members are looking for new management companies

At the end of 2020, Jinyoung discussed with BH Entertainment the possibility of joining this agency.  On January 6, 2021, the Korean newspaper reported that the maknae, Yugyeom, would join AOMG – the hip-hop company founded by Jay Park as soon as his contract with JYP expires.  The male idol has also been in contact with many different entertainment companies since the end of last year.

The recent situation of GOT7 and MAMAMOO
The recent situation of GOT7 and MAMAMOO

JYP stated that they are still in discussion with GOT7 and will announce the results when they are ready, even considering the possibility of the group continuing to operate even though the group’s member joins another agency.  However, many people still worry about the future of the 7 boys.

Over the years, JYP has been outraged by neglecting and not investing in GOT7, so it is unlikely that they will re-sign with the company.  Many idols leave the companies but do not leave the group, such as in the case of SNSD, 2 PM, or Girl’s Day.  But after so many years they still haven’t had a chance to reunite.  There is no information about the other members’ choices yet, so fans can only hope GOT7 finds a good plan for everyone.

The recent situation of GOT7 and MAMAMOO


 Although MAMAMOO debuted in June 2014, fans believe that the contract between the group and RBW Entertainment may end this week.  The reason is that 4 girls collaborated with Bumkey in the song Don’t Be Happy on January 8, 2014, released 2 songs before officially making the debut with the song Mr. Ambigious.

The recent situation of GOT7 and MAMAMOO

There are only a few days left until January 8 – when it was supposed that MAMAMOO’s contract would expire, but RBW has yet to announce the members’ decisions.  Over the years, fans have repeatedly criticized the company for not investing in MAMAMOO, the group less promotes less schedule and does not focus on increasing international fans.

The 4 girls also have promising solo careers.  Solar released her first single titled Spit It Out in April 2019;  Moonbyul released the mini-album Dark Side Of The Moon and its repackage version; Wheein has released a series of singles and song combinations over the years, including the OST for the famous drama Hospital Playlist.

As for Hwasa, she became one of the highest-ranked female solo artists of the generation.  Her hit Maria was also at No. 2 on the Gaon Chart.

The recent situation of GOT7 and MAMAMOO
The recent situation of GOT7 and MAMAMOO
The recent situation of GOT7 and MAMAMOO

The management company lacks the management capacity, the members are all successful with solo activities, but fans are still optimistic about the possibility of MAMAMOO working as a group and re-signing the contract.  This is because the members enjoy freedom under RBW.  Kim Do Hoon – the co-CEO of this company once revealed that he let the 4 girls decide when they want to go on vacation, when they want to release solo songs, etc.

It seems that MAMAMOO will not disband on January 8, because they have confirmed their participation in the Golden Disc Awards, held one day later (January 9).  Wheein and Moonbyul are also about to release new music, so it’s unlikely that they will leave the company.

Even the fans who are not satisfied with RBW, also believe that things will change with a positive trend in the future.  Contract re-signing means that the whole team can negotiate for better terms.  According to some rumors, Big Hit Entertainment will buy RBW.  If this rumor is true then MAMAMOO will have access to more resources.

Besides, Solar and Moonbyul also discussed the possibility of re-signing the contract with RBW during a live broadcast in September 2020.  Solar revealed that the members all like to be together, so they need to discuss more about whether or not they want to continue working as a group. However, according to leader MAMAMOO, the most important thing is that MAMAMOO and fans spend time together in the best way.

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