Viewers give mixed responses to BTS RM’s appearance as an MC on “The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge”

Responses to the MC debut of BTS RM (Kim Nam Joon) on “The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge” are divided.

tvN’s entertainment program “The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge” aired its first episode on November 2nd.

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RM appeared on the broadcast and expressed his feelings about joining the cast, saying “I’ve been watching ‘The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge’ with great respect. I’m quite lazy to read books, so I looked for this program whenever I wanted to use my time efficiently.”

The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge

The first topic of their talk was “the person whom I want to be if I were the main character of a movie”. As soon as he heard the topic, Kim Young Ha said, “I also write stories. I can write it myself. Why would good stories only be told on broadcasts?”

The MCs then asked, “If Kim Young Ha were not a novelist but a film director, who would you cast for the role Heo Gyun?”. In response, RM jokingly said, “I suddenly think of Tom Cruise. That could be a white person.”

bts rm

This episode marks a smooth start by recording an average nationwide rating of 3.5% (real-time peak 4.8%) and 4.2% in Seoul area (peak 5.9%). However, RM’s MC skills received mixed reactions.

Viewers commented, “My mood suddenly got cut off”, “He should return to focus on BTS”, “He’s like a well-informed man with a broad vision”, “I think he has to improve himself more as an MC”, “It’s his first broadcast. It’s too early to judge him”, “I like seeing him working hard like this”, “The editing was weird”, etc.

Source: Nate

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