Seo Min-jae denies her original claim of Nam Tae-hyun’s drug use + clarifies that they had a fight as lovers

Seo Min-jae, who accused Nam Tae-hyun of using methamphetamine, has reversed her statement.

“Heart Signal 3” cast member Seo Min-jae, who previously posted a selfie with Nam Tae-hyun on her Instagram and accused him of using methamphetamine and hitting her, has released a new statement.

On August 21st, Seo Min-jae shared a long post on her Instagram, starting with “Hello, this is Seo Min-jae.” She mentioned the incident that created a stir the previous day.

Seo Min-jae said, “Yesterday, there was a quarrel with my lover over things both of us have done wrong. At that time, I had taken more psychiatric medications than the appropriate amount due to stress, and I was in a state of loss of reason to the point that I can’t remember exactly what had happened now.

She then added, “That’s why I sometimes upload irrelevant posts, and sometimes I get hurt because of mistakes, so I’m currently in the hospital. I’m uploading this post late because I was receiving treatment.”

Seo Min-jae, who is currently reconciled with Nam Tae-hyun, finally said, “I am very sorry for causing concern for many people.”

A day ago, Seo Min-jae posted a photo taken with Nam Tae-hyun on her Instagram. The two drew attention by putting their heads together and revealing their close relationship.

In particular, Seo Min-jae attracted public attention as she wrote, “Nam Tae-hyun does methamphetamine. His syringe is in my room or in my office cabinet. And he hits me.”

This post was immediately deleted, but the Seoul Yongsan Police Station has launched an internal investigation into the case of Nam Tae-hyun, who is suspected of taking drugs, before booking him.

Source: insight

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