“Wasn’t it hacked?”, Seo Min-jae deleted only the posts exposing Nam Tae-hyun’s drug use on her SNS

On August 20th, Seo Min-jae posted a photo taken with singer Nam Tae-hyun on her Instagram with ambiguous captions.

She uploaded posts, saying Nam Tae-hyun takes methamphetamine”, “Nam Tae-hyun and I, we’re druggies. Look into my office cabinet, there are syringes”, “I have Nam Tae-hyun’s syringe with me”, “There’s a recording in my phone”, “It was love”.

Seo Min-jae turned the whole entertainment industry upside down with her shocking revelation. However, she deleted the controversial posts on the same day and has not yet given any explanation as of August 21st.

In the meantime, Seoul Yongsan Police Station has launched an internal investigation into Nam Tae-hyun’s alleged drug use. Nam Tae-hyun’s agency released a brief statement, saying “We are confirming the fact.”

Meanwhile, Seo Min-jae gained popularity after making her appearance on “Heart Signal 3”. She is known as a female mechanic who is working for Hyundai Motor.

Nam Tae-hyun made his debut with WINNER in 2014 but left the group after two years. He is currently active as a member of the band South Club.

Source: dispatch

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