Everyone is all close, but Tactician Kwon was lonely as no one completed his heart

The cast of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” watched the last episode with 300 fans in a group viewing event, drawing much attention.

Prior to the screening at the theater on August 16th, director Yoo In-sik, actors Park Eun-bin, Kang Tae-oh, Kang Ki-young, Ha Yoon-kyung, Joo Jong-hyuk, and Joo Hyun-young gathered for the photo time.

The actors posed in front of the camera in a frenzy of popularity and flash shower.

Among the cast, there was one who stood out the most. It was Joo Jong-hyuk, who plays Kwon Min-woo, the Tactician Kwon.

While Joo Hyun-young and Ha Yoon-kyung showed off their friendship by linking their arms together, Kwon Min-woo didn’t know what to do by himself and decided to awkwardly make half a heart.

He logged out of his role as Tactician Kwon in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and logged in as Joo Jong-hyuk, his main personality, gaining many fans.

But actually, the Hanbada Team actually has a very close friendship. They went on a trip to Bali together and everyone believe that they would continue their relationship even after the drama ended.

Joo Jong-hyuk said that he was criticized a lot by many due to his mean role, and fans also started calling him “Tactician Kwon”. However, he said he was rather happy now that he has a nickname.

He said that he thought the one where people said they want to press the mole on his nose and run away was funny and cute. Viewers are also curious about what other works will get him another nickname in the future.

Source: daum

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