An actress who took a forced four-year break from acting due to marriage and childbirth

Park Ha-sun expressed regret that she could not attend the stage greetings she wanted so much as she became pregnant at the time of the release of the movie “Midnight Runners”. 

In this work, she played Joo Hee, a senior at the National Police University as well as the disciplinarian who leads Park Seo-joon and Kang Ha-neul to become upright policemen.

park ha sun

Park Ha-sun promoted “Midnight Runners” passionately through SNS even during pregnancy. She devoted herself to raising children after giving birth, and as a result, she had to take a four-year break from acting.

park ha sun

The 2020 film “Confession” is Park Ha-sun‘s return to the screen after 4 years. Through this work, she won her first acting award (the 24th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival’s Feature Actress Award). In her acceptance speech, she expressed gratitude towards her husband Ryu Soo-young and her daughter, creating a warm atmosphere.

Source: daum

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