1st gen idol Bada, “I’m proud of BTS and BLACKPINK, New Jeans’ Minji looks like S.E.S” 

S.E.S’s Bada shared her thoughts on new generation idols as a senior. 

During her guest appearance on KBS Cool FM’s “Park Myung Soo Radio Show” on August 22, Bada from the 1st generation idol group S.E.S talked about the difference between the past and present idol culture. 

Bada said, “I think the things to be grateful for in each generation are different. Now, juniors travel around the world to hold concerts. It is possible because the Internet such as SNS has become so developed. If there was such a thing in our days, H.O.T or Sechs Kies could have become the current BTS.”

Bada added that she felt proud of successful junior groups such as BTS, BLACKPINK, and aespa. She said, “I think it is the power of fandoms. This is possible because of the power of fans who have been passed down from our generation.”

Bada also mentioned the popular rookie girl group New Jeans that debuted recently. New Jeans is a girl group produced by Min Hee Jin, who moved to HYBE after working as a creative director at SM Entertainment for a long time.

Bada said, “People around me talk a lot about New Jeans. They say that New Jeans’ debut song ‘Attention’ gives off S.E.S vibes. They are a group I really like. In particular, Minji of New Jeans seems to look like a mix of Eugene’s face and mine. Of course, it can be a pleasant illusion in my head only. Anyway, I think they’re a group that is musically prepared.

Meanwhile, Bada released her sixth single “localized heavy rain” on August 11. This is her first ballad song released in three years since 2019, with the participation of composer K.imazine and lyricist Motmal (Poet Kim Yobi), who made several hit songs. 

Source: daum

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