“Not even a bully, so frustrating to see her being criticized so much…” ex-idol Soo Bin found a testimony from 8 years ago

Soo Bin (28), a former member of the idol girl group Dal Shabet, was immersed in emotions as she recalled her past.

On Nov 22nd, Soo Bin uploaded on her SNS a screenshot of a comment posted by her elementary school classmate on an online community in 2014.

dal shabet subin

The content was about the writer’s gratitude for Soo Bin. This person wrote, “Maybe because Soo Bin is the oldest of the three sisters, she always took care of me. Even though she was young, she took good care of her younger siblings. She’s so kind and has a warm heart. I feel bad to see people criticizing her a lot these days, maybe because she is too enthusiastic. It’s annoying to see her being cursed at like that when the Soo Bin I know is not like that at all. That’s why I’m writing this comment for the first time despite being someone who usually only surf the feed without saying anything. Of course, I don’t have the right to say anything to those who hate Soo Bin, but I hope you don’t hate her too much for no reason because she didn’t bully anyone in the past or had controversy in the past. I’m happy watching you on the show. We might not have any chance to see each other again in the future, but there are many people around me who like you, so I hope only good things happen to you form now on,” they wrote.

dal shabet subin

Soo Bin, who belatedly found the comment, said, “I’m losing who I am more and more. I’m really running without a break. If I stop running like this, I think the waves will hit me. There are times when I like the feeling of wind on my face when I run, and there are times when I am grateful for my running legs, so I was able to hold out. But these days, I’m getting more and more absent-minded, and I’m just pushed by the waves now. I lived to the best of what I was given, to the work I was entrusted with. Was I too ignorant? I was afraid to look back because I felt like I was on a path that I couldn’t come back,” she said.

“The comment was written in 2014,” she said. “I happened to come across this comment, and I was able to face the young Soo Bin of the past, which I forgot. She is one part of me that I lost in the past, not the poor Soo Bin now. Thank you so much, my friend. Thank you very much for leaving such a comment.”

Source: Daum

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