Jung Chae Yeon, “My fractured collarbone has gotten better… It’s my first time experiencing such a big surgery”

Actress Jung Chae Yeon talked about acting and her recent injury in a new photoshoot interview.

Jung Chae Yeon released a new photoshoot on November 22nd.

Revealing her whereabouts in an interview after the photo shoot, Jung Chae Yeon said, “I had been immersing in the drama ‘The Golden Spoon’ for the whole year. I worked restlessly like the drama was not ended, so I needed time to organize my mind”, adding “I’m returning to my ordinary life little by little by doing things like cooking and eating alone at home, doing grocery shopping and taking my dog for a walk”.

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Earlier in September, Jung Chae Yeon was injured while filming “The Golden Spoon” and had to undergo surgery on her fractured collarbone. The actress said, “I’ve gotten much better. It’s my first time having such a big surgery. I think I’ve had a new experience”.

However, Jung Chae Yeon also expressed her deep regret for not being able to join the final stage of DIA. She said, “I discussed with the members about our last album from the beginning of this year. I was really upset that I couldn’t be on the stage with them”, adding “I also feel sorry toward fans for delivering unpleasant news to them.”

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Jung Chae Yeon was a member of I.O.I and DIA. She earnestly began her acting career by appearing in tvN’s drama “Drinking Solo” in 2016. In this regard, Jung Chae Yeon said, “I had dreamed of acting since before, but didn’t know that I would receive such a good opportunity so soon. Since I was young and still a rookie, I believed that I should work hard in any given situation.”

When asked if Jung Chae Yeon, who has played many beautiful characters, felt pressure while acting, the actress smiled and confessed, “There were times when I wondered ‘Is this okay?’”. Jung Chae Yeon added, “I think I was able to act well thanks to the amazing performances of other people around me rather than my appearance”, showing her humble side.

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Regarding the role she wants to challenge in the future, Jung Chae Yeon said, “There are many genres that I haven’t experienced yet. ‘I must try a role like this’… I don’t have this kind of mindset”, adding “I will show you more than what I’ve done so far. I’m curious about many things and have a great desire to learn and grow”. She said, “I think I’ll be able to show you more next year, and I’m also looking forward to it”, raising expectations for her future activities. 

Source: Nate

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