BtoB Minhyuk, “A lipsyncing boy group complained about us warming up our voices”

Minhyuk, a member of boy group BtoB, revealed several waiting room experiences, including some with DBSK and APink. 

Recently, on the radio program “Kiss the Radio”, BtoB Minhyuk discussed all sorts of experiences BtoB had in their waiting room at music shows. In particular, he first commented that a boy group once went to BtoB’s waiting room and asked the members to stop warming up their voices. Ironically, this complaint came from a group that never sang live on stage, and instead always lip-sync during their performance. Minhyuk did not reveal the group’s name, but did comment that they have become inactive. 

btob minhyuk

On the other hand, BtoB had a completely opposite encounter with DBSK (TVXQ). According to the male idol, their waiting room was close to DBSK’s one when they filmed “Kingdom”, and the members of BtoB felt extremely guilty for being noisy. However, Changmin praised the group for warming up their voice despite the noise, and said that it is a great thing for groups to do. 


Finally, Minhyuk mentioned BtoB’s “best friend” APink. According to the male idol, the girl group would knock on the wall of BtoB’s waiting room and jokingly shout, “BtoB Juniors please be quiet!”. 


Instead of settling down, however, the two groups would then be noisy together by warming up their voices together.

Source: Twitter

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