Is Coupang Play’s highly-anticipated series “Boyhood” similar to the movie “Hot Young Bloods”?

Director Lee Myung-woo of “Boyhood” highlighted the differences with the film “Hot Young Bloods”

On Nov 20th, the press conference for Coupang Play’s original series “Boyhood” took place at Josun Palace Hotel in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Director Lee Myung-woo and actors Im Si-wan, Lee Sun-bin, Lee Si-woo and Kang Hye-won attended the event and shared various stories.


Set in the backdrop of the mid-to-late 1980s, “Boyhood” tells the story of students at an agricultural high school in Chungcheong Province. It is the latest work by director Lee Myung-woo, who created numerous popular works such as the dramas “The Fiery Priest”, “Backstreet Rookie” and Coupang Play’s series “One Ordinary Day”.

On this day, Director Lee Myung-woo acknowledged the opinion that “Boyhood” is similar in theme to the film “Hot Young Bloods” (2014) and said, “I remember watching the movie ‘Hot Young Bloods’ when it was released. There are common denominators in that both are set in Chungcheong Province and have a retro vibe.

Hot Young Bloods

However, he drew a line, “While making this drama series, we didn’t really think about differentiating it. The goal we aimed for was different.”

What was the focus? Director Lee explained, “We focused on why it was set in Chungcheong Province. It’s true that there’s a common denominator in the historical background, but we tried to make it pleasant and fairy-tale, encompassing boys or girls living in the present, as well as older generations who lived in that era.

Meanwhile, “Boyhood” will be available every Friday at 8 PM on Coupang Play, starting with the release of episodes 1 and 2 on Nov 24th.

Source: Wikitree

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