My Liberation Notes Kim Ji-won vs. The Roundup Ma Dong-seok… Who did Son Seok-koo pick as his best couple?

Actor Son Seok-koo picked Yeom Mi-jeong (played by Kim Ji-won) in “My Liberation Notes” as his best couple.

On August 1st, a video titled “What does Son Seok-koo think is his best couple? My Liberation Notes Kim Ji-won VS The Roundup Ma Dong-seok” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Marie Claire Korea”.

In the video, Son Seok-koo picked Yeom Mi-jeong at the speed of light when asked “Best couple: My Liberation Notes Yeom Mi-jeong vs. The Roundup Ma Dong-seok”. He then repeatedly mentioned “Yeom Mi-jeong” and smiled shyly, showing his affection for “Revere Couple”.

Son Seok-koo also cited “I can’t let go of My Liberation Notes” as a comment he saw recently.

son seok gu

Regarding his first impression of Kim Ji-won, he said, “At first, she looked like a baby. Now she’s a charismatic female figure. She’s very artistic.”

About his ideal type, he confessed, “I like cool people.”

son seok gu

Son Seok-koo was then given a mission to make a couple cheek heart with Kim Ji-won. However, he mistook the mission for making a cheek heart alone. The production team of Marie Claire made viewers laugh by explaining to Son Seok-koo, “You kept on sending us the cheek heart alone.”

He managed to succeed in the mission by suggesting doing a cheek heart with Kim Ji-won during the photo shoot.

son seok gu

Meanwhile, Son Seok-koo and Kim Ji-won received a lot of love as “Revere Couple” as the line “Please revere me” in “My Liberation Notes” drew attention.

Source: Nate

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