“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” actress Joo Hyun-young, “I did wonder what would happen if I played Woo Young-woo”

Actress Joo Hyun-young, who played Dong Geu-ra-mi in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, shared her thoughts on the character Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin).

On August 28th, Newsies reported an interview conducted with Joo Hyun-young, who recently starred in ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

During the interview, Joo Hyun-young received the question “What if you played Woo Young-woo? Have you ever thought about that?”. In response, the actress honestly confessed that she did think about it. She laughed and added, “But I quickly forget that idea”.

joo hyung young

Joo Hyun-young explained, “I’m still not good enough to play a role like Woo Young-woo”.  She emphasized, “Screenwriter Moon Ji-won said she waited for a long time to cast Park Eun-bin unnie for the role. Thanks to all the experiences, time, and know-how that she has accumulated throughout her acting career, Eun-bin unnie was able to portray this role and draw favorable responses from the audience”.

Joo Hyun-young also revealed that she was so lucky to be able to meet and work with Park Eun-bin in her debut drama. 

joo hyun young extraordinary attorney woo

Referring to Park Eun-bin, Joo Hyun-young said, “She’s an actress who’s like a textbook”, adding “Eun-bin unnie took care of not only her own acting performance but also the overall flow and other parts of the drama as the main character. Seeing her act and pay attention to the lighting, the sound, and props at the same time, I was very impressed”.

Lastly, Joo Hyun-young shared, “In the future, when I’m able to play the main character who is responsible for leading the whole drama, I think I will have to look back on what she (Park Eun-bin) did.”

Joo Hyun-young

Meanwhile, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which depicts the survival at a large law firm of Woo Young-woo, a new attorney who has both a genius brain and autism spectrum disorder, ended as a big hit by recording the highest viewer rating of 17.5%. The production company of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is currently discussing the production of Season 2. They aim to broadcast the second season in 2024. According to Park Eun-bin, nothing related to Season 2 has been decided yet. 

Source: Insight

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