Lee Se-young, “The kissing scene with Jun-ho was hard”

Lee Se-young revisited “Radio Star” for the first time in 10 years.

Lee Se-young, an “Unbeaten Myth Among Historical Drama” who once again hit the jackpot with “The Red Sleeve,” revisited “Radio Star” for the first time in 10 years. Lee Se-young heralded her story of Sung Deok-im, starting with the fateful meeting with her life character Sung Deok-im to her sad ending with Lee San. In addition, Lee Se-young confesses that she had encountered unexpected difficulties when filming the kiss scene with Lee Jun-ho, who is also currently a hot topic, raising questions.

MBC’s high-quality talk show Radio Star (planned by Kang Young-sun/Directed by Kang Sung-ah), scheduled to air at 10:30 p.m. on Jan 26th. This episode will feature a “Let’s Go to Our Palace” theme with Lee Jun-ho, Lee Se-young, Jang Hye-jin, Oh Dae-hwan, Kang Hoon and Lee Min-ji

Lee Se-young kissing Lee Jun-ho

Lee Se-young played the role of Sung Deok-im, a court lady who wanted to protect her life choice in the drama “The Red Sleeve,” captivating viewers by portraying a mournful court romance with Lee San played by Lee Jun-ho. Lee Se-young, who earned the nickname “The Undefeatable Myth Among Historical Dramas” for her successive historical drama success following “The Crowned Clown,” hinted that there was a fateful event until she was cast to play the role of Sung Deok-im, raising questions.

In addition, Lee Se-young said that she wanted to show the transition of Sung Deok-im from the court lady to Royal Court Consort Eui-bin with her visuals, adding, “I had gained 8kg,” drawing surprise. In particular, Lee Jun-ho, who was her acting partner, said he learned weight gain tips from her, adding to the curiosity.

Lee Se-young kissing Lee Jun-ho

Lee Se-young is drawing keen attention as she even showed tears on the spot while recalling the ending of “The Red Sleeve,” which drew attention for being both a sad but happy ending. Moreover, Lee Se-young confessed, “I was greedy for the Best Couple Award at the MBC Drama Awards”. She also talked about the chaos that occurred when she forgot to mention “this” during her award acceptance speech.

Lee Se-young will also reveal behind-the-scenes stories about the romance scenes of her and Lee Jun-ho, who plays Yi San. In particular, the reveal of unexpected difficulties that happened when the two filmed the first kiss scene in episode 13 will cause great laughter.

Lee Se-young kissing Lee Jun-ho

Lee Se-young also recalled the most difficult moments during the filming of “The Red Sleeve”. Due to the fact that the filming began in midsummer, the shooting site was filled with a scent. Lee Jun-ho also sympathized with the story, making audiences become more curious about the identity of the scent that even “Yi San” and “Sung Deok-im” could not avoid.

In addition, the fact that Lee Se-young was named as the No.1 contributor to “The Red Sleeve” rating promise surprised many people. It was because Lee Se-young’s unexpected spoiler (?) raised the viewers’ expectations. Audiences are looking forward to the main broadcast of “Radio Star” to know the secret behind the spoiler.

Lee Se-young kissing Lee Jun-ho

Behind-the-scenes stories of the kiss scenes in “The Red Sleeve” that Lee Se-young mentioned can be found on “Radio Star” broadcast, which will be aired at 10:30 P.M on Wednesday, January 26th. Meanwhile, “Radio Star” is loved by many people as an unrivaled talk show that disarms guests and brings out real stories by random questions from the MCs during the talks. 


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