Former (G)I-DLE’s Seo Soojin Opens Up in Vlog After School Violence Controversy: “Still Shy”

Seo Soojin recently uploaded a vlog on her YouTube channel, documenting the preparation process for her solo and sharing her reflections.

Expressing caution, Seo Soojin said, “I’ll do my best without getting hurt. Please look forward to it a lot.” She also remarked on the toll of 26-year-old stamina, saying, “I feel my energy diminishing day by day.”

Meeting fans on the NPOP shooting site, Seo Soojin expressed gratitude for the support and shared her nervousness, saying, “I was very happy to see many fans. I was extremely tense, but hearing your loud cheers relieved my tension.”

seo soo jin

Earlier, in February 2021, Seo Soojin faced allegations of school violence after a netizen posted accusations online. Her agency, Cube Entertainment, refuted the claims, but after the investigation yielded no charges, they announced the termination of her exclusive contract, respecting the investigation results.

During the controversy, Seo Soojin’s former classmate and actress Seo Shin Ae added fuel to the fire with a cryptic message on social media. When Seo Soojin requested a clear stance, Seo Shin Ae claimed she had been verbally abused and attacked by Seo Soojin during their middle school days, emphasizing no actual conversation between them.

After putting her entertainment career on hold due to the school violence suspicions, Seo Soojin left (G)I-DLE in March 2022 and departed from Cube Entertainment. She made a solo comeback with the EP ‘AGASSY’ in November, achieving remarkable physical album sales of over 100,000 copies. Seo Soojin held her first Japanese fan meeting in December and is preparing for fan meetings in Oceania, Asia, and the Americas this year.

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