Chinese netizens accuse Hallyu stars of not showing their support to the “One China” policy

Chinese netizens are even targeting Korean Wave stars and other foreign celebrities.

Yahoo! News reported on August 4th (local time) that Chinese netizens are also targeting Korean Wave stars as they criticize Chinese and foreign celebrities who do not show their support for “One China.” 

As Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, pushed ahead with her visit to Taiwan despite warnings from China on August 2nd, China’s state-run broadcaster CCTV reiterates on Weibo that Taiwan is part of China along with the “One China” policy. In addition, some Chinese stars, including Hongkonger and Taiwanese, are joining in this wave. 

However, Yahoo News reported that some Chinese netizens are criticizing a list of foreign Chinese stars as well as foreign celebrities from countries such as South Korea and the United States, who do not publicly support “One China,” on social media. 

Taiwanese singer-actor Hebe Tien is being criticized as supporting Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan because she posted photos of her eating pasta on social media. This is because Speaker Pelosi is Italian. 

Taiwanese celebrities like Jay Chou, U.S. citizens Wilbur Pan, and Canadian nationals Eddie Feng and Edison Chen were also included in the criticism for not supporting “One China. 

In addition, Singaporean nationals such as JJ Lin and Jet Li and Chinese entertainers from Malaysia such as Michelle Yeoh are also mentioned in the list. 

Yahoo reported that an increasing number of netizens are criticizing Hallyu stars for not openly supporting “One China”. These Hallyu stars include BoA, BLACKPINK and G-Dragon, as well as non-Chinese stars such as Adele, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. 

Some Chinese netizens argue that there is no need to pull non-Chinese celebrities into Chinese politics, but the first netizens to start criticizing them are said to have claimed that “If you made money in China, you are part of the Chinese entertainment industry.”

Source: fnnews

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