The surprising filmography of actress Kim Yoon-hye, who plays the piano teacher in “Vincenzo”

After a long time, actress Kim Yoon-hye is returning to the screen in an occult movie “The Sin”.

Kim Yoon-hye

Actress Kim Yoon-hye has gained recognition after appearing in “Vincenzo”, tvN’s hot drama in the first half of this year. In this drama, she played the role of Seo Mi-ri, a genius hacker who pretends to be a piano academy teacher.

Kim Yoon-hye

Before “Vincenzo”, she had been known as a model and also for several roles in TV series, such as “The Vampire Detective”, “Flower Boys Next Door”, “18 Again”, etc.

In fact, little do people know this girl shined the most in the field of movies.

Kim Yoon-hye

Kim Yoon-hye made her debut through Director Jang Jin’s 2007 movie “My Son”. In this movie, she played a high school girl Mimi and worked together with Ryu Deok-hwan, who played the main character. It is said that many people welcomed her acting debut as she had been well-known as a model since her childhood.

5 years later, she was cast for an important role in “Ghost Sweepers”, a movie directed by Shin Jung-won (“To Catch A Virgin Ghost”, “Chaw”). It’s a comedy horror movie that tells about the shamans who gather to discover mysteries. In “Ghost Sweepers”, Kim Yoon-hye worked with many famous senior actors, including Kim Su-ro, Kwak Do-won, Lee Je-hoon, and Kang Ye-won.

Kim Yoon-hye

She appeared as Seung-hee, who owns the ability to see the past through objects. Kim Yoon-hye successfully portrayed the unique emotions that director Shin Jung-won wanted to show. Been a model for a long time, she was able to show off sensual charms to make her appearance be comparable to her seniors. Therefore, her performance raised people’s expectations for her future as an actress.

Kim Yoon-hye

The movie that boosted Kim Yoon-hye’s popularity was “Steel Cold Winter” (2014). Before, Kim Yoon-hye had been using her stage name as a child model. However, since this film, she started to use her real name, “Kim Yoon-hye”. This movie was also the fresh start of actor Kim Si-hoo (“Lady Vengeance”, “Sunny”, “Veteran”) and actress Park So-dam, who later became a big star.

Kim Yoon-hye

In 2017, Kim Yoon-hye appeared in the 2017 movie “Because I Love You”, starring Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Yoo-jung, and Seo Hyun-jin. She played the role of Malhee, a high school girl who is the worst student in the school but is in love with the No.1 student. Despite her age of 27, she appeared naturally in a school uniform and made everyone mistake her as a real high school student. This proved that Kim Yoon-hye is the No.1 in female high school student acting.

Kim Yoon-hye, who received great recognition on the big screen, is scheduled to return to movies after a long time. The currently being filmed occult horror film “The Sin,” is designed not only for domestic film festivals but also for the Sitges Film Festival and Brussels International Film Festival. As a result, the viewers’ expectations have been raised even higher.

Kim Yoon-hye will play the female lead role, Si-young, in this movie. A famous director introduced Si-young to the main character role of an experimental film about modern dance. While moving to the filming set, she is caught up in a terrible incident without knowing the reason. “The Sin” will tell the story of the “original sin” carried out by humans through the development of strange phenomena and terrible events that cannot be explained scientifically.

“The Sin” will be released on theaters and OTT platforms in 2022.

Source: Daum

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