ITZY’s Ryujin and NCT’s Haechan dating rumors resurfaced, this time with undeniable proof?

Netizens have been gossiping about a relationship between these 2 idols, but JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment remained silent. 

Dating rumors between famous idols are always a hot topic among Kpop fans, and since 2021, they have detected various hints between ITZY’s Ryujin and NCT’s Haechan. However, both of the idol’s agencies remained silent. 

Now in 2022, topics surrounding the two’s relationship are resurfacing again, this time with what many people dubbed as “obvious clues”. In particular, several netizens have pointed out a connection between the names of Ryujin’s two cats – Byul and Dal, which means “star” and “moon”, with Haechan’s puppy called Woojoo, which means “universe”. These people believed that even if this was a coincidence, the couple still have way too many similarities.

Previously, the NCT and ITZY members were suspected to be dating due to resemblances in their speaking manner and alleged “couple items”. In particular, both dragged out the word “sweet” in “sweet dreams” while texting fans via the app Bubble. They also used the uncommon word “egg flower” to describe food, which made fans think that the two’s vocabulary got mutually influenced from dating. 

In addition, people spotted Haechan following ITZY’s YouTube channel while the idol was on live, which led to him quickly covering his screen. Suspicions also arose when Ryujin talked about how boyfriends would prioritize gaming over their girlfriends, and Haechan is a gamer. And to add to all the rumors, netizens also pointed out various “couple items” of the two idols, like couple earphones, couple watches, and couple phone cases. 

Haechan panicked when it was accidentally revealed that he subscribed to ITZY. 
People believed that Ryujin was talking about her own boyfriend when she commented that boyfriends would prioritize games over their girlfriends in real life. 
The two’s similar speaking manners


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