Jeon Mi-do erased her image in “Hospital Playlist” with the role of an affair woman hidden behind the cover of a passionate love

If you date but don’t sleep with and only have emotional exchange with your ex-boyfriend who is married to another woman, is it cheating?  

Actress Jeon Mi-do escaped the image of her previous drama “Hospital Playlist” through JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Thirty, Nine,” but people are taken aback by the setting of her character which consists of infidelity and a time-limit life.

In “Thirty, Nine,” which aired its 1st episode on Feb 16th, Jeon Mi-do plays the role of Jung Chan-young who dreamed of becoming an actor but is working as an acting teacher. Chan-young’s ex-lover is Kim Jin-seok (Lee Moo-saeng), an alumni senior to Cha Mi-jo (Son Ye-jin). During their relationship, Chan-young rejected Jin-seok’s proposal to study abroad together, after which Jin-seok married Kang Sun-joo (Song Min-ji), who accidentally got pregnant with him while studying abroad. 

Jeon Mi-do in Thirty Nine

Nevertheless, the two are still meeting each other as representative and employee of an entertainment agency and even maintain an affectionate relationship like lovers. Chan-young defended that he did not have an affair, saying, “I did not sleep with him after he got married.” However, the attitude of going on dates, such as watching a movie, with a married man, and asking if they can’t get divorced, is inevitably seen as an emotional affair. They are literally what people called, “If someone else does it, it’s cheating, but if I do it, it’s romance.”

In the 2nd episode, it was revealed that Chan-young has a limited amount of time. Earlier at the press conference, Jeon Mi-do said that Chan-young is a character who doesn’t have much time left. It is expected to be the detail that will help show the friendship, love, and life of Jung Chan-young, Cha Mi-jo, and Jang Joo-hee (Kim Ji-hyun), who have been best friends for 20 years.

Jeon Mi-do in Thirty Nine

Cliché elements, such as love affair and a time-limited life, are things to be mentioned along with the character Jung Chan-young. This appearance of Jeon Mi-do is completely opposite to the image of a humane and warm doctor she portrayed when playing the role of Chae Song-hwa, a neurosurgery professor and the mental support of the group of 5 doctors, who are colleagues and best friends from medical school, in “Hospital Playlist”. At the drama press conference, Jeon Mi-do also said, “Rather than thinking of acting differently since this character is not the same compared to my previous one, I think the viewers would accept Chan-young in a different way if I try my best to portray this character well”.

As she said, Chan-young is a free-spirited person who does not hesitate to talk about things roughly. However, the fact that Jeon Mi-do couldn’t show off her charms due to the disappointing character setting caused great regret. Although the actress has completely escaped from the image in her previous work, can the character Chan-young benefit Jeon Mi-do’s filmography?

Jeon Mi-do in Thirty Nine

Attention is focused on whether the development of “Thirty Nine”, which has just been unveiled a little, will become a cliché or solve the audiences’ concerns and show a fresh story.


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