Just Kang Dong-won making a table on YouTube can make fans happy enough

Actor Kang Dong-won made a surprise update on YouTube Live.

On December 3rd, Kang Dong-won conducted a live broadcast through the YouTube channel “Monotube.” In the broadcast that day, Kang Dong-won showed himself welding and making a table. Kang Dong-won we’re focusing only on welding and didn’t say much for about 10 minutes. He later spoke to Internet users, who were surprised by the sudden live broadcast, “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you guys,” adding, “I’m making a table now, and this is a workshop for iron making. I’m welding because the design of the table’s legs are of iron.”

Kang Dong-won Monotube

Netizens asked Kang Dong-won, who was making a table at a workshop in Seoul, to prove that it was a real live broadcast, and Kang Dong-won smiled and took out his cell phone and showed them the current time. At this time, some netizens laughed at Kang Dong-won holding a smartphone with his left hand and typing on the keyboard hard with one finger of his right hand, saying, “He types the same way my dad does.”

Kang Dong-won Monotube

Kang Dong-won said, “I had been working with wood for a while, but I gave away all the furniture I made back then so there’s nothing left now.” He also added, “I needed a bigger table, so I worked on it after a long time. I wanted to finish it before summer, but I’ve been too busy. My current goal is to get it done before the end of the year.”

Kang Dong-won Monotube

After the explanation, Kang Dong-won focused on welding and hammering again, showing the process of making a table for about 35 minutes. Finally, Kang Dong-won told viewers who were watching the live broadcast, “I’m filming a movie called ‘Accident’, so please give me a lot of support.”

Kang Dong-won Monotube

Below the video, netizens left comments such as “The best 35 minutes of my life”, “Your face is like paradise”, “I can’t believe he is 41 years old”, “The world’s getting better. I eventually have a chance to see Kang Dong-won welding”…


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