“Street Woman Fighter” Hyojin Choi nailed the elimination battle

Dancer Hyojin Choi tore up the stage during her turn at “Street Woman Fighter” elimination battle.

In the sixth episode of Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” which was aired on Oct 5th, there was a elimination battle between LA CHICA and Want. They were the two teams that ranked at the bottom of the mega-crew mission.

Hyojin Choi

The first round of the elimination battle began as a team battle. Then, in the one-on-one battles, LA CHICA’s Peanut, Want‘s Rozalin, LA CHICA‘s Gabi and Want’s Emma took on each other.

It was hard to decide the winner. In the sixth round, Want’s Hyojin Choi and LA CHICA’s Simeez took the stage.

Hyojin Choi
Hyojin Choi

Hyojin Choi made everyone cheer as soon as the music started. Simeez even admitted, “Hyojin really came out to solve a problem.” PROWDMON Monika was in awe, “She’s no joke“.

Hyojin Choi’s intense dance continued. Until the end of the track, she poured out skills that she had never shown before.


The result was Hyojin Choi’s victory.

Immediately after the broadcast, netizens said, “I forgot all the stages before her,” “I can hear the sound of the stage tearing up,” and “She just chewed them all up,” “It was legendary.”

Check out the video of Hyojin Choi’s battle here.

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