Amid dating rumors of BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie, fans are furious over privacy invasion 

As a photo presumed to be BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie started to spread, many fans are enraged at how Kpop idols cannot enjoy any privacy. 

On August 23rd, Twitter user @gurumiharibo posted a photo with the caption: “BLACKPINK Jennie in the same waiting room with BTS Taehyung (V). Are they friends or something more?”. In the published photo, V was getting his hair done, while Jennie could be seen taking a mirror selfie.

Right after this photo was published, many fans analyzed that it may be a product of photoshop, similar to a previous photo said to be V and Jennie in the same car. In particular, they pointed out the long hair shadow behind the girl – which is longer than Jennie’s hair, and the white outline around the edges of her jeans.

blackpink jennie bts v
A photo said to be Jennie and V in the same waiting room was published 

However, many netizens argued that the hair shadow may be due to an above light source, and point out certain details of the girl that match with Jennie. For example, her nails, shirt, accessory, and phone case were all similar to Jennie, and there’s no original photo, so it can’t be edited, they explained. 

From the outfit worn by V, it could be estimated that the photo was taken before V headed to Paris to attend a CELINE fashion show on June 24th. On August 23rd, Jennie just came back to Korea after a personal schedule abroad. 

As V, Jennie, and both of their agencies still remain silent about the rumor, it’s impossible to verify the validity of the photo. However, if it’s real, the privacy of V and Jennie was blatantly invaded, as the photo had to be taken from either of their phones. 

bts v jennie
“I am not saying it is real or not, but if someone really leaked it then that is freaking sad. Imagine living a life always on alert because you can’t trust people around you”, a netizen said. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • The photo might have been edited or not, but whatever the case, we need to respect the relationship of our idols. The only one to blame is the one who leaked the photos without the consent and trespassed on privacy.
  • Invading one’s privacy is always wrong, so the user has no right to even ask such a question. You can discuss all you one but don’t insult the two idols, they did nothing wrong 
  • The problem is, real or not, this is a private photo, and contains private information. To spread it without consent is obviously intruding on their privacy.  Wake up and stop condoning such actions guys.
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