Jennie and V stayed silent about their dating rumor… A two-shot photo of the two has recently been revealed

Amid the dating rumor of BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V, a photo of the two being together spread on the Internet. 

A photo of a man and a woman believed to be Jennie and V taken at a hair salon is being shared on various SNS accounts. However, some speculate that the woman is not Jennie and claim that the picture has been edited.

blackpink jennie bts v

The released photo shows a woman taking a picture of a man sitting on a chair and getting his hair done. The woman, believed to be Jennie, was staring at her cell phone, while the man, who appeared to be V, was smiling. Netizens spread the photo claiming that the two are Jennie and V.

On the other hand, some raised speculations that the woman in the photo was not Jennie but someone who looks like her. However, the blue cardigan that the woman in the picture was wearing seems to have been worn by Jennie before. Other netizens also claimed that it was a photoshopped picture.

Internet users commented, “It’s really a photo taken by Jennie”, “Did Jennie’s private account get hacked?”, “They look like a lovely couple in the photo”, “They didn’t say anything about the dating rumor but it turned out that their relationship is true”, “I don’t think it is a photoshopped picture”, “The two went to the same hair salon?”, etc.

The agencies of Jennie and V have not released any position on the photo.

Source: wikitree

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