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YG’s trainees attend “Produce” for the first time, no one thought they would be judged so badly!

The performance of the two representatives from YG was not appreciated in the 2nd episode of “Produce X 101”.

Produce X 101” is the first season that the “Big 3” JYP, SM, and YG all sent their trainees to compete. Two faces of YG family in the competition are Mahiro Hidaka and Wang Jyunhao, who have just appeared in the second episode of the show. Both chose the hit song “Good Boy” by G-Dragon & Taeyang.

produce x 101
produce x 101
produce x 101
The mentors looked extremely depressed

The performance of YG trainees made the judges and other contestants look excited but the truth was quite disappointing. Although they tried very hard, the two boys showed a rather dull performance, their voices were unstable and even cracked when they hit the high notes. The choreography of both of them is not as powerful as the original version.

The judges of the program also seemed quite unimpressed when watching this performance, so in the end, they put Wang Jyunhao in class C and Mahiro Hidaka in class D.

produce x 101
produce x 101
Mahiro and Wang Jyunhao

Netizens also left comments on the performance of two YG trainees on YouTube, most claiming that the two boys chose the wrong song and the performance was not as successful as expected.

  • I just watched this episode and it was really sad to see that they can do better than this because they are from a big company anyway. Everyone thinks they will be placed in Class A and this will put more pressure on them. Surely the judges also expect a lot because these two are from YG but they look disappointed because they know YG has many talented faces!
  • They just picked the wrong song, this song is not suitable, why didn’t they sing ballad?
  • Don’t give up guys, your skill will gradually improve while participating in the show.
  • I only see the disappointment on the judges’ faces …

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