From crying on live broadcast to dropping out of “Sweet Home”: Is Bibi really okay? 

Netizens and fans are once again worried about singer Bibi. 

Gen Z soloist Bibi is becoming more and more popular these days thanks to her outstanding musicality, dreamy tone, and outspoken remarks. Fans’ interest and support for Bibi are growing stronger as her face can be seen more often here and there.

Popularity obviously comes with more schedules, so Bibi has been very busy. Every song she released such as “Binu”, “Kazino”, “cigarette and condom”, “Eat My Love” has received much love from today’s hip generation. In the talk show “Witch Hunt 2022”, Bibi is showing off her unstoppable charm that is appealing to young viewers with her witty remarks. 

But is it because she has been working too restlessly? She eventually broke down. 

Earlier in July of this year, Bibi burst into tears while communicating with fans during an Instagram live broadcast. As if she had endured it for a long time, she confessed while crying, “I want to eat and I want to take a nap. I want to rest. But I can’t do those things without hard work. I don’t have a choice. I have families to support.”

Bibi shocked fans when she said that she was working so hard that she couldn’t even wash her face. She raised concerns by saying, “I wish I weren’t an artist.” Fans were worried that Bibi’s burnout might have been due to her hectic domestic and overseas schedules.

Speculations then poured out that Bibi’s agency was overworking her and not letting her take a break. However, Bibi later spoke up to clarify the situation. She said she was working non-stop to prepare for her album because she wanted to make it perfect, leading to stress. She asked fans not to blame her agency as she wasn’t forced by anyone. 

Tiger JK, the CEO of Bibi’s agency, also shared a long post on his Instagram, saying, “I want to make sure that Bibi is doing very well. I want to emphasize that we (the company) do not starve our artists.”

After the crying incident, Bibi continued her popularity by carrying out various activities both as a singer and an entertainer. She recently announced that she would return as an actress after two years with a role in Netflix series “Sweet Home 2”.

However, on September 20th, a few weeks after the casting news was announced, Bibi was reported to have dropped out of “Sweet Home 2” and been replaced by another actor. Netflix said, “Bibi was preparing to appear in season 2 of ‘Sweet Home’, but due to timing issues, including filming schedule conflicts, her appearance was inevitably cancelled.”

It is a great opportunity for any actor to join the new season of a successful franchise, so it is certainly doubtful that Bibi suddenly left the cast of “Sweet Home 2” due to a “timing problem”.

Is it true that we should paddle when the water comes in and speeds up when things are going well, but if the person on the boat collapses from exhaustion, eventually the boat will drift or sink. Hopefully, leaving the drama will be a chance for Bibi to spend more time taking care of her well-being and focus on her main job as a singer. 

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