(G)I-DLE Shuhua under criticism for “controversial remarks”, called an “attachment” of Soyeon?

Ever since her debut, (G)I-DLE Shuhua has always received mixed reactions for her attitude and capability, and the controversies have now risen again. 

Recently, (G)I-DLE Shuhua made a surprise appearance alongside her member, Soyeon, at a Versace event in Japan. As Soyeon has worked with Versace before and often wears items from this brand, her attendance is easy to understand. However,  since Shuhua has never got any project with the designer house, several netizens speculated that Shuhua was only there as Soyeon’s “attachment”, especially that her fans protested for more schedules. 

In fact, despite this being mere speculations, many netizens have left harsh comments such as “Since no brand have been booking Shuhua, Cube just let her tag along Soyeon for her fans to stop complaining”, “She’s just an attachment, next she will continue to accompany other members to Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and more”, “She’s only there because of Soyeon”, and many more. 

This harsh reaction is suspected to be a result of constant controversies regarding Shuhua’s “bitter attitude”. In particular, the female idol has made savage, if not harsh statements in the past, leading to her having a bad image in the public eye. 

An example was when Shuhua constantly toy with her hair in a fanmeeting, to which a fan questioned her reason, and Shuhua responded: “Don’t worry about me, I do whatever I want with my hair, so you should worry about yourself first. Why do you care so much?”

On another occasion, when her fans told Shuhua to change her profile description on Instagram, Shuhua said, “How about you just manage my account for me?”, leading to mixed opinions. 

Netizens also criticized Shuhua after she “demanded” to star in the second part of “Incarnation”, and a time where she showed a “dissatisfied” expression towards Miyeon for being chosen for a video thumbnail. 

In the past, Shuhua always suffered from having too few lines and barely noticeable screen time in (G)I-DLE, which many people suspected was due to her lacking skills in Korea. Now, as Soojin has withdrawn from the group, Shuhua is getting more lines and screen time. 

However, some believe that Soojin will return to (G)I-DLE if her bullying controversy is clarified, and several Shuhua fans have expressed worries that their bias will have no lines again. 

Source: yan

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