Despite coming under controversy for her talent and attitude, (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua wishes to expand into acting 

Following Shuhua’s recent desire to act, past criticisms about the female idol’s talent and attitude resurged. 

Lately, (G)-IDLE’s Shuhua has been a name that attracted the public’s attention. Not only stirring up controversies about her talent, the female idol also made some netizens uncomfortable with her comments. Recently, Shuhua continued to spark mixed reactions when she expressed her wish to act. 

(G)I-DLE Shuhua

Shuhua continued to stir up social media for her statements (Image: Instagram @yeh.shaa)

In her recent livestream, Shuhua name-dropped the “Incantation” director Kevin Ko, wishing to have a role in the sequel for the movie. The female idol promised she would not let her fans down. Fans, then, quickly passed the recorded video around and sent it to the director. 

Shuhua mentioned the director for the second part of the movie “Incantation” (Image: Screenshot from Chill With Kpop)

Onto her next livestream, the female idol repeated her wish: “What can I do to act in a movie?” Afterwards, Shuhua asked the director to contact her company, Cube Entertainment, to offer her a role and promised she would wait for 24 hours. 

Shuhua told the director to contact Cube to invite her. (Image: Screenshot from Chill With Kpop)

After ending her live broadcast, Shuhua quickly posted another story on her personal Instagram account. She added a caption saying she was waiting for the director to contact her. Shuhua’s actions immediately stirred up controversy among netizens, even though she added she was only “joking”. 

Shuhua posted a story on her personal Instagram, waiting for the director. (Image: Instagram screenshot @yeh.shaa)

Many netizens then took the chance to accuse Shuhua of having low EQ for “pushing” and unintentionally generating pressure for the director. Some also believed that if Shuhua really wanted to act in the movie, she should audition instead of “whining” about it on the Internet. 

Gi-dle-Shuhua-Inever Die
Many people said the female idol should be more hardworking in her singing and dancing instead of acting. (Image: Facebook screenshot from Chill With Kpop)
Kpop fans said she should audition instead of asking for a role on livestream (Image: Facebook screenshot from Chill With Kpop)

The audiences are confused as to why Shuhua wanted to expand into acting insteading of perfecting her idol skills. Ever since her debut in (G)I-DLE, Shuhua has been loved for her gentle and pure beauty. However, Shuhua is often judged as “lacking in talent and manners”, after years of training without considerable improvement. 

(G)I-DLE Shuhua
Youngest member Shuhua with gorgeous appearance. (Image: Instagram @yeh.shaa) 
The female idol’s talent is not highly regarded. (Image: M Countdown)

Her performance is often deemed lacking. Compared to the dancing skills and stage presence of other (G)I-DLE members, Shuhua does not only appear to be overshadowed but also superficial. She was seen flustering on stage multiple times because she could not keep up with the choreography. 

Shuhua’s performance skills are still weak. (Image: The Show)

Besides, Shuhua’s singing ability is not highly regarded. Hence, she receives the least line in (G)-IDLE. There are songs where she sings for only 4 seconds. Moreover, Shuhua also came under criticism for her attitude. She is often criticized for her questionable comments towards fans and alleged lack of manners towards the older members. 

Shuhua is believed to be a forgettable member in the group. (Image: Instagram @yeh.shaa)
Shuhua’s statements towards fans caused controversies. (Image: Facebook screenshot from Chill With Kpop)
Shuhua was criticized for competing with her oldest member to be in the thumbnail (Image: Screenshot of Mnet) 

Currently, Shuhua is a topic of heated discussion on social networks. Many netizens hope the female idol will change her attitude and be more careful with the way she speaks.

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