Singer BIBI, who sobbed during a live broadcast, made a long post mentioning her agency’s CEOs Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae

BIBI, who recently left netizens worried for suddenly crying, left a long message on her SNS.

On July 22nd, BIBI published a post on her Instagram, which said: “I said this already on today’s live broadcast, but I think a lot of people were surprised, so I wanted to post this in writing again.”

The singer attached a picture of her note app, which read: “I’m really, really, really sorry to make you all worry all of a sudden. As I am working on an album that will surprise the world and trying to prepare good content at the same time, something similar to a burnout seems to have affected me.”

She continued: “I was greedy about wanting to appear in a perfect appearance, and was surprised to see an article claiming that I couldn’t eat, sleep, and don’t want to be a singer.”

“From now on, I will get rid of this weakness and responsibility,” BIBI said. “I will work vigorously until the end and will see you soon with wonderful work.”

The female artist also directly mentioned the presidents of her agency, rappers Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae, saying: “Because of me, Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae are being misunderstood.. They are the people who give me the greatest strength when I am having a hard time. Thank you for understanding even my immature parts. I love you.”

Previously on July 21st, while communicating with fans through an Instagram live broadcast, BIBI suddenly bursted into tears, concerning fans and the public. 

At the time, she said: “I just want to rest, I want to take a nap and take a break, but I can’t, I don’t have a choice. There are many family members I have to take care of, you don’t know how hard I work.” 

The singer then tried to call her manager, begging: “Please answer the phone. I want to wash my face and sleep. I want to wash my face and go to sleep.”

Source: wikitree

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