“Mistreatment controversy” BIBI’s agency CEO Tiger JK delivered sad news to fans

Singer Tiger HK announced his absence from the “2022 Head In the Clouds” festival.

On August 2nd, Tiger JK said on his Instagram, “Me and Tasha won’t be performing at HITC coming August”, announcing their absence from 2022 HITC.

Together with the caption, the photo contains the message that said, “Tiger JK and Yoon Mi-rae will not appear at the 2022 HITC Festival this year. They were preparing performances as the revealed lineup but decided not to attend the event due to unavoidable circumstances and individual schedules”.

He added, “It’s is very unfortunate that we cannot see our fans, whom we cherish more than anyone else, but we are preparing better performances and music for you”, soothing fans’ disappointment.

Earlier, Feel GHood Music artists (Tiger JK, Yoon Mi-rae, Bizzy, BIBI) were named in the lineup for HITC (Head In the Clouds) festival, drawing attention and expectations from global music fans.

Source: nate

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