WINNER Kim Jin-woo: “The most awkward brother and sister ever? We got a little better after ‘DNA Mate'”

WINNER member Kim Jin-woo mentioned his relationship with his younger sister, which changed after appearing on “DNA Mate.” 

MBC’s “DNA Mate”, which aired on August 2nd, featured the story of the all-time “awkward siblings” Kim Jin-woo and Kim Jin-hee. 

MC Kim Jong-eun asked Kim Jin-woo, who returned to “DNA Mate” after a long time, “You guys were the most awkward brother and sister ever. You got zero points on the DNA Mate test. Did anything change after the broadcast?” Kim Jin-woo said, “We got a little better through the broadcast,” adding, “My sister came to cheer for my comeback for the first time.” 

Kim Jin-hee started to cheer for Kim Jin-woo, who is actively promoting his team’s new song “I LOVE U.” WINNER members Kang Seung-yoon, Song Min-ho, and Lee Seung-hoon welcomed Kim Jin-hee, who appeared in their waiting room as a surprise, and Kim Jin-hee responded by giving them gifts she prepared by herself. Kim Jin-woo said, “I couldn’t express it properly, but I was grateful,” describing the feelings that he couldn’t convey.

Source: nate

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