Agency responds to concern over Bibi’s emotional breakdown on Instagram live, “She was stressed during album preparation” 

Following singer Bibi’s worrying live broadcast where she cried due to tiredness, her agency has spoken up. 

On July 21st, during an Instagram live broadcast, Bibi complained about how exhausted she was due to work. She said as she burst into tears, “I want to take a nap. I want to rest. But I can’t do those things without hard work. When you guys don’t see me, I’m working so hard. I wish I was not an artist.”

After the live broadcast, the recorded video of Bibi’s emotional breakdown spread through various online communities, sparking concern over Bibi’s physical and mental health because of her busy schedules. 

However, in response to this, Bibi’s agency told News1 on July 22nd, “Bibi was a bit stressed while preparing for her full-length album recently. It seems that she was overwhelmed with emotions during the live broadcast. There is no problem with communication between her and the agency.”


Bibi herself also posted a clarification to reassure fans and ask them not to blame her agency by explaining her situation on her Instagram story on the same day.

Bibi wrote, “I want to clear up the misunderstanding that I’m forced to overwork. I was just being dramatic yesterday because of tiredness and stress. I have been working non-stop and it’s not forced by anyone or my company.”

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Bibi is an artist under Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae’s company, Feel Good Music. Since her debut in 2019, she has continued various activities, traveling back and forth between Korea and the United States. In April, she performed with Yoon Mirae at the Coachella Festival. In June, she appeared on ABC’s morning show “Good Morning America” to promote her new song.

Source: Insight

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