Kim Tae-hee donates masks worth 980 million won for vulnerable social groups

Actress Kim Tae-hee is consistently practicing good deeds.

On July 22nd, her agency Story J Company announced, “Kim Tae-hee joined forces with SB Global Healthcare and Blue D&M to donate 1.1 million KF94 masks and face masks worth 980 million won to the international development cooperation NGO G-Foundation.”

kim tae hee

Through this donation, Kim Tae-hee expressed her warm-hearted feelings, “I hope that masks will be delivered to vulnerable families, including children and adolescents, so that everyone can be safe and healthy until the day COVID-19 ends.”

CEO Lee Seung-hyun of SB Global Healthcare, which participated in the donation with Kim Tae-hee, said, “I’m happy to be able to practice sharing in a favorable sense with Kim Tae-hee, the model for ibanari mask.” An official from G-Foundation agreed, “In an era when masks are essential for daily life, we’ll deliver them to single mothers, single-parent families, children, adolescents and senior citizens living alone so that they can use them without worrying about the resurgence of COVID-19.”

kim tae hee

ibanari, the mask brand that Kim Tae-hee is working for as a model, is a mask developed through research cooperation with Fortium, a sports science research institute at Korea University. It has an ergonomic design and excellent functions.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae-hee is currently considering her next project.

Source: Nate

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