Park Eun Bin’s advertisement from 6 years ago suddenly went viral, “A masterpiece that comes out once in 100 years”

A past CF film of actress Park Eun Bin for a government agency is drawing huge attention

Park Eun Bin, the star of hit drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” debuted as an advertising model at the age of 4. With over 20 years of experience, Park Eun Bin has starred as an advertising model for more than 20 companies, and is considered a “veteran” in the field. 

A CF for Korea Housing Finance Corporation, produced in 2016, is one of the actress’ work. At the time, Park Eun Bin was selected as a model due to her youthful and energetic image, which stands in line with the Korea Housing Finance Corporation’s motto of “people’s housing happiness”.

The Korea Housing Finance Corporation CF was produced as a series, and in the first part, Park Eun Bin’s energetic and cute choreography easily melted people’s hearts.

park eun bin cf
Park Eun Bin appeared in the Korea Housing Finance Corporation commercial

The 55-second video began with Park Eun Bin with her head down at a company, saying: “I want to go home”. Then, a terrifying text message was sent to Park Eun Bin, who was drowsy during a meeting, saying: “I will raise the house rental price.”

Suddenly, the commercial song started to play.

park eun bin cf

“Everyone says this when life’s hard and tiring / I want to go home, I want to go home~ / But I can’t go home even if I want to. Where is the house I want to go to? / Help me, help me, the Korea Housing Finance Corporation. Remember, remember, the Korea Housing Finance Corporation.”

Netizens who saw the CF are showing reactions such as: “It’s a masterpiece that will come out once in 100 years as an advertisement for a government agency”, “Even now, Park Eun Bin looks so cute”, “I came here because Woo Young Woo is trending”.

park eun bin cf

Park Eun-bin is currently working as a model for the Korea Housing Finance Corporation (from 2016), KGC Ginseng Corporation (from 2018 to present), watch brand Tissot, and the Ministry of Environment’s “Dreaming of a Sustainable Today and Tomorrow” project. 

Recently, with the rising popularity of ENA K-drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which follows the professional life of the austistic female lead Woo Young Woo, the payment for Park Eun Bin’s CF appearances has soared.  

park eun bin cf

According to business insiders, Park Eun Bin’s annual advertising fee has doubled after the drama aired. Previously, Park Eun Bin was paid around 200 million won a year for her CF appearances, but this has now jumped to 400 million won. 

Source: wikitree

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