Kim Ga-ram’s whereabouts have been revealed, “After leaving LE SSERAFIM, she has been staying at home”

The recent status of Kim Ga-ram, who withdrew from LE SSERAFIM due to her school bullying scandal, has been reported.

The latest update on Kim Ga-ram was revealed in an online community post that mocked her. One netizen made a post mocking Kim Ga-ram, saying “Kim Ga-ram is working part-time at a fast food restaurant”.

An anonymous Internet user claimed to be Kim Ga-ram’s acquaintance by proving that they are friends with Kim Ga-ram on Kakaotalk, and then refuted the malicious post.

kim garam

This person said, “I know you hate Kim Ga-ram but don’t go too far by making up stories”, adding “Kim Ga-ram hasn’t even left her house since she moved out from the dormitory”.

They pointed out, “Of course, she did something wrong. She has been punished and will continue to receive punishment in the future. But I don’t think making up stories and posting them on online communities like this is the right thing to do.”

It was a comment left by Kim Ga-ram’s acquaintance criticizing the malicious post, but it revealed Kim Ga-ram’s recent status at the same time.

Le Sserafim Kim Garam

Kim Ga-ram’s agency – HYBE’s label Source Music announced the termination of their exclusive contract with Kim Ga-ram on July 20th. As a result, LE SSERAFIM will continue their career as a five-member group. It’s been three months since Kim Ga-ram’s school bullying controversy broke out.

After Kim Ga-ram’s withdrawal from LE SSERAFIM and her exclusive contract termination was reported, A claimed to be Kim Ga-ram’s acquaintance and revealed that B, the accuser in the school bullying scandal, was also a perpetrator and they suffered damages from B’s bullying. In addition, A criticized HYBE for using Kim Ga-ram to do noise marketing for LE SSERAFIM.

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