Lee Jung-hyun: “I can’t go with my best friend Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin on their honeymoon as I was in the last month of pregnancy”

Actress Lee Jung-hyun revealed why she couldn’t go together with her best friend Son Ye-jin on her honeymoon.

On KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly” aired on August 11th, actress Lee Jung-hyun of the movie “Limit” appeared in the “Star Way Home” corner.

Earlier, Lee Jung-hyun drew attention by preparing her daughter Seo-ah’s 100-day feast table. Lee Jung-hyun said, “I wanted to give Seo-ah something I made with my own hands. I made a cake and bought flowers at the flower market. I decorated it to match the 100-day feast and took a pretty picture,” she said.

Lee Jung Hyun

Lee Jung-hyun’s best friend Son Ye-jin is also expecting a baby. In response, Lee Jung-hyun advised, Son Ye-jin has a strong personality, so she will do well on her own, but nutritional supplementation is important.”

Son Ye-jin and Oh Yoon-ah have gone together with Lee Jung-hyun on her honeymoon. However, Lee Jung-hyun could not go with Son Ye-jin on Son’s honeymoon with Hyun Bin due to her being in the final month of her pregnancy. He said, “We have a group chat, and I told them I was sorry. If it was not my final month, I would have followed them,” she confessed.

Lee Jung Hyun

“I heard that breastfeeding makes you lose weight quickly,” she said after making a comeback only 100 days after giving birth, “I think I lost weight after doing it for about three months.”

She added, “I lost a lot of weight because I had a vegetables-oriented diet with mixed rice. I also gave up coffee for a good night’s sleep during pregnancy.”

Lee Jung Hyun

Meanwhile, Lee Jung-hyun plays the role of police officer So-eun in the movie “Limit” and showcases her tough action skill.

“It has to contain a mother’s feelings, and somehow I pulled it off without a stand-in. Rather than an extravagant action movie, it is a more realistic action movie about a working mother trying to find her child,” she said. “It is very realistic.”

Lee Jung Hyun

Lee Jung-hyun said, “When I shot an action scene, I would get injured, and I would only find out when I take a shower. I feel very rewarding, like I was getting a medal for working hard that day. During ‘Limit’ this time, my whole body was full of wounds too,” she confessed.

Meanwhile, “Entertainment Weekly” airs every Thursday at 11 p.m.

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