No more swollen face, TWICE’s Jeongyeon came back prettier than ever in new selfie with Nayeon on Instagram 

Pretty selfies of TWICE’s Jeongyeon and Nayeon have recently been released.

Jeongyeon Nayeon

On TWICE‘s official Instagram on February 17th, beautiful photos of two members were posted with the caption, “The long-awaited selfies of Na-Jeong! It’s our gift to you. Take it!!!!”

In the photos, Nayeon and Jeongyeon are making various facial expressions. With these awaited selfies, the two drew laughter with their gorgeous visuals and cute appearance just as expected.

Jeongyeon Nayeon

In particular, Jeongyeon‘s appearance attracts attention. Jeongyeon went on hiatus due to health problems and recently re-joined TWICE’s activities. She has participated in the group’s LA concert, but concerns about the idol’s health have been raised on online communities, saying that Jeongyeon doesn’t look well.

However, Jeongyeon reassured fans by releasing a bright smile selfie with Nayeon.

Meanwhile, TWICE is on their 4th world tour.

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